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"Engage. Inform. Empower." New best practice booklet

This publication is the result of bringing together 50 youth workers and youth information workers to share practices on artificial intelligence in youth work, digital storytelling, social media outreach and engagement, media and information literacy, and fake news.

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Free online course: the next phase is here

The second phase of the Ready, Set, Make the Change! European Solidarity Corps online course launches on 7 January 2020, covering Volunteering and Solidarity Projects.

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What do young people feel about youth information?

The 2019 edition of the Eurodesk survey shows trends and preferences of how young people find, engage with, and perceive youth information about mobility opportunities.

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Over the three days, the wide-ranging event will also explore how to give young people like you a bigger say in decisions impacting your future and what can be done to make youth leadership programmes more inclusive. It’s all part of a high-powered effort involving the European Commission and other partners to promote international cooperation and collective action to tackle global problems…

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