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European Youth Information Charter

In 1993, the ERYICA General Assembly adopted the European Youth Information Charter which has since become a text of reference throughout Europe as a set of professional principles and guidelines for youth information and counselling work. A revised version of the core document has been approved, incorporating the Principles for Online Youth Information.

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DiscoverEU is back, with even more travel passes!

Are you 18 years old? Are you up for an adventure? If yes, get ready to explore other countries by applying for DiscoverEU, a European Union initiative giving young people the opportunity to travel.

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"Engage. Inform. Empower." New best practice booklet

This publication is the result of bringing together 50 youth workers and youth information workers to share practices on artificial intelligence in youth work, digital storytelling, social media outreach and engagement, media and information literacy, and fake news.

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