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EPALE UK Impact on Adult Learning Photo Competition 15 July - 12 August 2019

Formal learning can lead to qualifications that encourage a learner to continue with their education or embark on a career. Non-formal learning may not result in qualifications, but will provide a structured process whereby a learner can obtain new skills, for example language skills or learning to play a musical instrument. Informal learning may be more obscure, but often results in the acquisition of little gems of knowledge that can benefit many aspects of someone’s life – think your grandmother showing you how she makes an easy apple pie, which you now make as a weekend treat and can have ready on the table within a short time of starting the preparation process – this saves you time and effort, and is something you really enjoy sharing with the important people in your life. 

No matter what kind of learning takes place, a learner can gain essential life skills and soft skills that may allow them to become part of a bigger community, build confidence, combat isolation and develop social and civic skills and lead to further learning.

From 12pm 15 July 2019 to 12pm 12 August 2019, EPALE UK will be holding the Star Supporter Competition and asking UK users to submit photographs that demonstrate the impact of adult learning, whether formal, non-formal or informal. These will be accompanied by a text caption of up to 200 words that explains what the photograph shows and how it demonstrates how learning positively impacts on adults. The winning entry will receive a prize to the value of £100 and will be invited to attend our annual conference in October 2019.

How to enter:

  1. Make sure you are registered on EPALE UK and if not, register now. You must be a registered user to enter the competition and have your work attributed to you. 
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Statement.
  3. Complete the entry template with your caption and use the checklist at the bottom of the form to make sure you haven't forgotten anything and have the required consent. 
  4. Submit your completed entry template, photograph and Consent Form to sends e-mail), using the email subject: "EPALE UK Star Supporter" between 12pm (GMT) on 15 July 2019 and 12pm (GMT) on 12 August 2019. Please attach the photograph to the email, don't insert it into the template.  
  5. Promote your content to gain likes and comments on the platform between 12pm on 19 August 2019 to 12pm on 30 August 2019.


Open to participants between 19 - 30 years old


More information on applying on the EPALE website.