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Listen up: this international exchange student has something important to say about shared values.

Orestis is a recent Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. How is he different from any other young person? Well, having completed a study exchange in Brno, Czech Republic, he captured the very essence of the Erasmus+ programme in his short video, showing us what it is all about.

For Orestis the best part of international experience is making new friends:

“Interacting with people from all over the world is like speed-reading books all day long. You get to learn so many things about cultures, people, geography, history. You start questioning your own beliefs and overcoming stereotypes. You become a member of a generation, which is meant to be more united and more peaceful than ever. Getting to know each other is the way to overcome fear and hate.” 

Three young men holding Greek, Italian and German flag

If you are a young person considering going abroad, here’s a message for you from Orestis:

“Mobility programmes expand the limits of your world, and are a life-changing opportunity. Imagine your future: successful and surrounded with friends. Dare to claim it, dare to live your European adventure. DARE TO GO ON ERASMUS+ !!!”

Video and quotes: Orestis Milios. Want to know more? Read the full story behind the film production as well as his studies on the European Youth Portal or visit his YouTube channel.


Would you like to study abroad and have a life-changing experience of your own? If you are studying in college or university, contact your International Relations Office for advice and guidance. Find out more about funding programmes to study abroad on our dedicated webpage.