Been around the world

Former European Volunteer Alberto reflects on the huge impact European Solidarity Corps has had on his life in an honest reflection on the ups and downs of the experience, but most importantly on how it has literally widened his horizons.

I joined this program a few years back, after turning 23. At that time, I had never lived by myself before (never mind abroad) and my level of English was, frankly, quite poor. Nevertheless, I felt brave, I was hungry for adventures, and I desperately wanted a life challenge after 5 years going to university and living at my parents’.


Matthew from the north-west England spent a month on a volunteering placement in Hungary, working at a bird hospital. Read on to find out about his project, and how much fun he had!

My name is Matthew. I am 20 years old, from north-west England and I took part in a short term (1 month) volunteering project in Hortobágy, Hungary. A brief synopsis of the project is that it seeks to use nature as a source of self-development, creativity and cooperation. It is aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 30 from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

Baguette, brie and volunteering

From hearing about the European Solidarity Corps, to actually taking part, Ellie shares her experience in France.

My name is Ellie, and I come from the North East of England, where one might say we speak a language of our own. I studied French at sixth form and aspired to continue my studies of languages at university. However, I soon realised that my grades would not allow me to do so.

“We turned our lives around”: from prison to project mentors

How can Erasmus+ youth projects empower young people at risk of exclusion from society? Find out through the story of Junior and Damian, two young ex-offenders who have turned their lives around and are now helping others to do the same.

One major issue facing young people with a criminal record is reintegrating into society. With limited opportunities, there is often little help for them when they leave prison, leading to a lack of motivation and an increased risk of reoffending.

Wildlife volunteering helps Molly and Joel find their way

We had the opportunity to catch up with two recent volunteers from Everything is Possible in Leeds. Molly Gannon (18) and Joel Ireland (20) took part in a wildlife conservation European Solidarity Corps project in Croatia in the summer, and they shared some of their adventures and thoughts on volunteering with us!


Moving abroad can feel like a massive step into the unknown.