Reasons to be a language assistant

Patrick is from the UK, and is currently living and working in Andalusia, southern Spain. Here he gives his reasons why becoming a language assistant abroad is an option that any English speaker should consider.

1. Gain valuable transferable skills

Let’s start with perhaps the most obvious reason. Preparing topics and working in a school environment has given me more confidence to deliver presentations. My creativity, adaptive skills and communication have developed due to the practice that the programme provides, and the help from experienced teachers.

Designing her future

Patrycja, an architecture graduate from the UK, went on a three-month ErasmusPro placement to Seville in southern Spain. Her assignment with a Spanish architectural firm gave her an insight into the industry and the next steps she needs to take to further her career. She also enjoyed exploring Andalusia in her free time and learning some Spanish!

Getting ready

I applied for this placement because I have always wanted to live and work abroad, as well as learn a new language.