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An inspiring story from a young dancer from the UK, who has participated in many international projects.


Danni Spooner is a UK-based dance artist, who works with UK Young Artists.

Her work focuses on ‘queer culture’ and ‘cyborg culture’. When working with ‘queer culture’, she prioritises bringing the queer community with her in the process as a way of supporting and celebrating queerness. Examples of this would include  “FAG” (2016) which was a Random Acts commission from Rural Media and was aired on Channel 4.

Danni has danced for two Goldfrapp music videos, Livia Rita, performance instillation for Harper’s BAZAAR, Bryony Gillard’s “a cap, like water, transparent, fluid yet with definite body” and is a part of FUELLED Dance Theatre.

"It's really exciting to be in an unusual situation, and just seeing yourself being capable of managing that!"


She stopped by our Stand Out in a Global Market event in Birmingham to share her insights into travelling the world whilst pursuing her artistic career. And to dance for us!


"It's brilliant to be able to be independent and deal with unusual and sometimes scary situations; I have also learnt to trust people I meet on the way, and believe me it's always fine!"


Visit Danni's website and follow her on Instagram @dcatnni.

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Inspired by Danni? Get in touch with us if you are looking for a suitable international opportunity for yourself!