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What does it mean to leave your hometown and your school at 17 to go and live for one month abroad? Here's how Leonardo benefited from his internship abroad!

I am Leonardo, a young man from Italy who is spending one month in Edinburgh (Scotland) thanks to a European mobility project I am taking part in. My school participates in the Erasmus+ programme and this gave me the possibility to take part in an internship programme abroad. This opportunity is financed by a mobility project in the Vocational Education and Training field, also known as Key Action 1 VET under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Talking about my experience, I can say that for students it is an incredibly useful and rewarding programme for many reasons. First of all, at least in my case, working is the aspect that influenced me the most while staying here. I am currently working in a charity shop and I have a lot of different tasks and responsibilities here: taking care of the stock, displaying the merchandise in the shop, advising customers, etc. I am very happy about this, because I have the chance to learn and experience many new things. In general, regardless of where you are working, this is a brilliant opportunity, because it gives you the chance to live in another country and learn so much! Everyone should take advantage of the mobility programmes abroad, get a taste of a different lifestyle and some very useful training.

Learning to be more at ease in an international context puts you one step ahead of others, and gives you more chances to find a job in the future.

Young man working in a charity shop


This project also gave me the opportunity to grow from a personal point of view. Before coming here, I was preoccupied with my everyday life in a big city, working instead of studying, but I was also very curious about what I would have found here in Edinburgh. I was eager to test my skills.
Well, I hope you too will see the positive elements of living in another country!

You will surely succeed in doing something that you have never done before. You really absorb a lot! You learn those things that you cannot learn at school.

For example, you learn to adapt to a new environment, to be independent, to overcome your shyness when you have to ask strangers for help. Also, in my Italian high school I am specialising in modern foreign languages and the opportunity to experience a full immersion in Edinburgh, surrounded by native speakers, is boosting my language learning. All this makes you feel more self-confident and aware of your full potential. Moreover, you establish new contacts with other societies and you get to feel more European. You have the feeling that you can contribute to a more compact and wide-spread international community, which will surely bring benefits. And also, you will be introduced to work and you will feel better prepared to get a job in the future.

And this is just a small part of what you will learn and find out if you accept this challenge!


Article submitted by Leonardo Fornoli, who found a work placement through Eurodesk UK Partner, Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC).


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