Zis Foundation Travel Grants

Zis Foundation is inviting young people of all nationalities between 16 and 20 to get the chance to receive a grant of 600 Euros for a self-organised study trip to a foreign country.


Who can apply
- young people between 16 and 20 years old;
- from all nationalities;
- not yet attending university.


Conditions of the journey
- it researches a topic chosen by the participant;
- it is undertaken alone;
- it is paid with the grant (600 euros) alone;
- it lasts four weeks at least;
- it takes the participant abroad, e.g. German citizens and residents of Germany should not travel in Germany;
- transport by plane is not allowed;
- trips to regions of warfare or violent ethnic conflicts will not be sponsored;
- every participant has a personal advisor (mentor) to help to organise the trip via e-mail;
- participants hand in a study report (8000 words at least), a diary and a statement within three months after return in German or English.


How to apply
- candidates have to complete the application form;
- parents are asked to complete a consent form (even if the candidate has reached the majority age).



Deadline to apply 15th February 2020.


All details are available here.